Basic Safety Tips for Tubing

Whether you’re new to tubing or you grew up on the water and have been doing it for decades, reviewing your basic safety tips every now and then can’t hurt! In fact, it can help prevent an injury or accident from occurring. Sometimes we get so comfortable with our surroundings and are having so much fun we overlook the basics that we learned in the very beginning!

  1. ALWAYS wear a life jacket. At JCR Outdoors, it is our belief that there is no exception to this rule, and in most states it’s the law!
  2. READ the manufacture’s manuals. Whether it’s a tow rope or a tube, they come with best practices and instructions for a reason! Pay attention to make sure you’ve got the right equipment for your tuber (different products adhere to different ages and sizes) and make sure you know how to operate your products properly.
  3. If there are too many boats on the water, take the day off from tubing. You may be a very skilled boater that’s always aware of your surroundings, but just like driving a car you never really have control over others. Too much boat traffic presents a threat to you onboard and especially your tuber.
  4. Always have a spotter on board. The spotter’s job is to look out for other boats and keep an eye on your tuber so that you can focus on driving the boat. If you are driving, you should NOT be looking behind you at the tuber.
  5. Drive responsibly. This may seem like common sense but “driving responsibly” is different when you’re towing a tube. You’re not just looking out for your boat, but for your tuber as well! When crossing wakes or turning, slow down. Bouncing off wakes at extremely high speeds is very dangerous for the tuber.

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Great U.S. Locations for Watersports

Are you looking for a great place to boat and enjoy some fun watersports? Here are five great U.S. locations that may be a very realistic vacation option for you. Just throw your boat on the trailer, pack up the family, remember your towables, and enjoy!

Lake Chelan State Park, Chelan, WA: This 127-acre camping park on the forested south shore of Lake Chelan has 6,000 feet of shoreline, lakeside views and great options for water play!

Lake Shasta, CA: This lake is considered by many pros to be the best waterski and wakeboard lake in the U.S. This lake has four “arms” and each arm is large enough to look like its own lake! It’s huge!

Lake Havasu, AZ: This body of water is 45 miles long and is one of the most popular boating and watersport destinations in the southwestern U.S.

Lake Monroe, FL: You don’t even have to own a boat here to be your own captain! You can easily rent a boat at Lake Monroe and enjoy a day of wakeboarding or tubing. When the day is over you’re just a few miles away from Orlando’s hotspots and Disney!

Lake Powell, UT: The pros practice here – it’s a popular stop on many wakeboard tours! Lake Powell is a huge body of body by the Glen Canyon Dam and is absolutely beautiful.

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How Far Should You Tow A Tube Behind a Boat?

Is it your first time going tubing with the family? If so, you may be wondering if your rope is too long or too short. What is the perfect length of rope for towing an inner tube?

This question is a bit of a loaded one. To answer it correctly, you need to consider several things:

The State Law: Many states have specific boating laws regarding towables, and some even address the maximum rope length permitted. Before purchasing a tow rope, be sure to see what your state’s particular law is.

Your Body of Water: If you are going to be tubing out in the open ocean or on a large lake, a longer rope that is 50-60 feet will work just great (assuming there is not a lot of boat traffic). If you’re going to be in a narrow river or smaller body of water, you’ll likely want a shorter rope so that you have more control over the tube, and your tuber doesn’t accidentally go up onto the river bank or any other obstacles.

Your Tuber: Who will be tubing? Younger kids should not be towed at high speeds with longer ropes because this combination sends the tuber “flying all over the place.” For adult tubers though, the faster experience is quite fun.

Although being closer to the boat is best for small bodies of water, or younger children, TOO close to the boat (less than 40 feet) presents a danger – rope could get tangled up in the propeller or your tuber could continually fall into the crest of the wake, which makes for an uncomfortable ride; they will get sprayed in the face from the hull and motor.

Once you’ve considered all of the above, make your rope purchase. And remember, you can always shorten a tow rope if it’s a little too long. Boaters that are new to tubing should try out their rope and tube at slow speeds to see what works best. Tubing takes some getting used to so don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to go through several practice rounds. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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Brands We Love: AIRHEAD

nds We Love: AIRHEADIf you’ve had a look around our online store you’ve probably noticed that one brand shows up quite frequently: AIRHEAD. At JCR Outdoor Supply, we’re a small family-owned company that enjoys spending time outdoors – we also love sharing our passion and products with others. However, we only share products if they are durable and SAFE!

This week we’re highlighting AIRHEAD, one of the many trusted brands we sell. Although doing business as “AIRHEAD,” AIRHEAD watersports products are actually owned and manufactured by KwikTek, Inc., a Colorado corporation founded in 1991.

AIRHEAD and their other product line called SPORTSSTUFF are the two largest tube manufacturers in the world!  They also manufacture wakeboards, kneeboards, water ski ropes, wakeboard ropes, tube tow ropes, tow harnesses, water skis, air pumps, inflation accessories and more.

Their tubes in particular are built with quality, comfort and safety in mind. They glide across wakes with the greatest of ease and their rugged 30-gauge virgin PVC bladders and double-stitched nylon covers with self-draining floor vents ensure years and years of enjoyment.

How often do your knuckles and fingers absolutely ache after tubing? It’s a common problem for many tubers, which is why many AIRHEAD tubes offer neoprene knuckle guards!  Did we mention they have really convenient multi-valves for quick inflation and deflation?

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Welcome to JCR Outdoor Supply

Brrrr! It’s cold out there, isn’t it? Are you finding it pretty difficult to imagine the summer months full of sunshine and fun on or by the water? It’s not too early to start thinking about outdoor fun under the sun. Here at JCR Outdoor Supply, we think of it all the time!

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